Parkinson’s Disease

We are proud to be the only clinic offering this new treatment for Parkinson’s disease that will actually resolve the condition – the time-frame for this depends on the severity of the condition and disease. The condition should start showing results within 1-2 months of treatment. This varies between each patient and severity of condition.

Once symptoms are resolved, there is no need to come back for further treatment – this is a complete treatment, considering all treatment protocol is followed and according to guidelines given.

Resting Tremor treatment can also be treated using this treatment method to resolve the condition of resting tremors among other PD symptoms.

To book an appointment for consultation and treatment at our Islamabad Clinic, please contact us by either calling, emailing or whatsapp – Reception Number: 0310 0001419

Please also note – we can only take a limited number of patients when treating Parkinson’s condition – this is due to resources required to complete treatment.

Oriental Medical Doctor, Selman Ijaz, who manages both clinics, in London as well as Islamabad.

Further Reading

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Our treatments are unique to our system of Acupuncture. However, we do require that you bring in any medical reports when coming in for your first appointment if you have any available.

We use Daoist Acupuncture methods as well as a combination of supplements (depending on each case and severity) – treatment is painless – if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to message or call.

Payment Terms

Treatment Costs 7,000 PKR for initial treatment, consultation and building of initial treatment protocol – 5,000 PKR for any follow up treatments. Any Medication or Supplements are additional cost and depend on case by case.